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Manufacturing technologies

  • Modern high-tech extrusion blow molding machines ensure stable product quality.

  • High-performance and reliable European-made molds have a high closing rate, which allows you to produce products without notches and other protrusions, creating a uniform surface of the finished product.  

  • The material feeding system automates the process of feeding and dosing raw materials.

  • The granulating and crushing equipment has a powerful dust separation system and ensures the stability of the granulation process and the uniformity of the particle size distribution.

  • The WDS, SFDR and PWDS systems optimize the distribution of raw materials, directing them to the “problem” areas of the workpiece, eliminating the reduction of wall thickness and corners of the finished product.

  • Delta engineering finished product quality control systems allow to automatically control the weight of each product, as well as check the product for leaks, detect microcracks.