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Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

ZTI is actively developing the direction of contract manufacturing and today can offer a full cycle of creating individual packaging. 

What does it mean? 

We carry out a full production cycle, including the most complex one that requires special knowledge and experience - the stage of design and creation of a mold. As a result, you will receive an exclusive package with a unique design that will raise the awareness of your product. 

What is needed for this? 

It is enough to have a sample, 3D model or a sketch of the product - we take over the production process, namely: 

We will prepare a project; 

We will develop a design; 

We will prepare the documentation; 

We will make molds; 

We will select the material; 

We will carry out certification; 

We will carry out tests and launch into serial production; 

We will provide qualified service.

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