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Accessories and components for plastic packaging are represented by various lids, valves, seals, drain taps, as well as dispensers, sprayers and triggers. Some of them are included in the basic configuration of products, and some can be supplied additionally.

Caps for canisters and vials are completed with a polyethylene foam seal and a tear-off counter ring. Additionally, they can be equipped with overpressure valves and induction-sealed seals to ensure tightness and increase shelf life. In some cases, a canister accessory such as a drain cock that replaces the base lid may be useful.

In addition to standard accessories, vials can be supplied with all kinds of dispensers, nebulizers and triggers, depending on the application.

Additional accessories are provided for the barrels: an overpressure valve, which is used when packing gas-emitting substances, and a drain valve, which can be installed at the bottom of the barrel to drain the liquid.

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